Just As You Perform Best When You Believe and Are In A Positive State Of Mind – Your Mind Will Make You Look Younger, More Attractive and Be Healthier
– Fast, Easy and Guaranteed.


Discover the Simple Secrets of the Youthful


Lets face it, haven’t we all tried (and failed) at those passing ‘health’ fads? I’m sure, like me, you have set yourself ridiculous goals and then been disappointed with the results.

The truth is, the reason people fail is because, unless you’re having fun and enjoying it, you just can’t keep it up.

Like me, I’m sure you would rather take the easy route…


Join me and I will show you how to become more youthful and healthier by making a few simple changes to your life, changes that you enjoy!



Make big Changes in Your Life From Lots
of Simple and Enjoyable Small Changes

Yes I did say enjoyable changes! I know we’ve all been raised to believe that looking good, being slim and being healthy all comes at a cost. You have to suffer for the cause! But it’s just not true!

So Yes, Longevity Secrets is all about getting big results, getting the body you want, being healthier, having more energy, looking younger and ultimately living longer. And all this by making simple and enjoyable small changes.

  • Become healthier and more youthful step by step. Everyone knows that crash diets end in a wreck!
  • Small incrementally building easy life changes that you are happy to make lead to a healthier & happier life.
  • Simply start making the changes that you enjoy and that are right for you now.
  • And start seeing results in weeks, even days. More energy and a more youthful appearance.

You’re Probably Asking Yourself, Right Now,
Can it Really be this EASY?


Ok, I know I was a bit sceptical at first about the impact that small and simple changes could make. I mean if it’s fun it can’t be healthy, right?

It’s like it has been ingrained on us that we must starve ourselves to be thin, or that we must suffer to be fit and healthy, and so the misinformation continues: being youthful involves expensive creams, being stressed is just a part of modern life and on and on…

But the real secret is that it’s easy being healthy, youthful and happy. In fact it’s NATURAL. You just need to know how.


The way you lead your life will either age your body or help slow down the aging process!
Start leading your life in a new way today


Hi, my name is Heloise Wright and I want to share with you some REAL longevity secrets.

Simple things that you can easily incorporate into your life for lasting changes to your youthful appearance and your health for real longevity and happiness.

Now I have had my share of ‘health fads’ like two weeks eating cabbage soup, yuk! What was I thinking! And getting up before sunrise (in all weather) to go to the gym before work (taking away my free time and my beauty sleep!) and for what, only to put on more weight when I stopped!

The market is full of the latest ‘fad’ diets and ‘celebrity secrets’, they’re difficult to follow and nobody has fun doing them! So I started to sieve through and separate the fact from the fiction. The realistic from the ridiculous! The truth is it became a bit of an obsession of mine. But that’s good news for you, because I’ve done the endless hours of hard work for you.

It’s an age old saying but it’s true, ‘you are what you eat‘. Your skin, muscles, teeth, hair and even bones are continually being replaced. They are being replaced from what you eat and drink.

What you eat and how you fuel your body affects the efficiency of your organs, cells and helps your body maintain a youthful vitality both inside and out.

There are some vitamins, minerals and super foods that go even further to boost your body’s systems, keep disease away and keep both your mind and body young.

And the best bit, I can guarantee that you will already love some them, maybe more than you would think. All you need to do is eat more of the foods you love that are also making you more youthful.

Learn the simple superfoods that will have you looking and feeling more youthful and get them on your shopping list!.

Being youthful is not just about eating the right foods and staying active, I knew there was something missing.


An Extra Piece To Longevity Secrets Was Needed:
You Also Have to Think Yourself Youthful!


Now, I know it may sound a little crazy ‘think youthful’, but a smiling face is more attractive and youthful than a deeply lined furrowed brow. And the furrowed brow or the smiling face come from the thoughts you have.

If you think stressed angry thoughts your behaviour will mirror these feelings and your external appearance will be built from heavy lines and tensed muscles.

Our thoughts shape how we view ourselves and how the world around us views us. They guide our actions, the decisions we make and our reactions to situations.

Your self image (again the thoughts in your mind) plays a very important part of how you look and feel. The thoughts we have about ourselves inevitably are like self-fulfilling prophecies, developing what we become.


“Our self image strongly held, essentially determines what we become.”
Dr Maxwell Maltz


Find out the shocking attitudes and thoughts that could be:

  • Adding decades to your perceived age!!!
  • Inches to your waist and making you unwell!
  • And instead learn some awesome, simple techniques that will have you looking younger and living longer
  • And will help you to be happier and more successful in every area of your life!

Psychological Mind Power Techniques and Meditations


Hi I’m John

Having eaten a vegan diet for 20 years I was surprised to find some of the simple (and amazingly tasty) changes I could make to my eating, changes that have had a dramatic effect.

So being able to contribute the ‘missing element’, the Mind Power Techniques to this is book is amazing. So many health and longevity programs miss out this vital part.

Relaxation and meditation are proven to be beneficial to your health and longevity. So is hypnosis, plus it also offers a wonderful environment to create new habits and learn to change at the unconscious level.

I have recorded a simple, systematic hypnosis relaxation session that will take you deep into pure relaxation…

Have this as gift, I hope you enjoy it.


Because stress is recognized as one of the major causes of illness. I’ve persuaded Master Hypnotist & NLP Trainer John Vincent to give you this 27 minute Pure Relaxation Hypnosis recording for FREE.


So What Will Longevity Secrets Do For Me?


In four simple components, covering a huge range of easy changes Longevity Secrets will help you make changes to look younger, more attractive, be healthier and feel better.

Once you identify something in this book that you enjoy doing, do more of it. When you find Fat Burning Superfoods that you like simply start eating more of them… It’s simple, right!

There are Four Components to Longevity Secrets:


Longevity Secrets: You Are What You Eat

The foods and nutrients you consume have a dramatic affect on your body’s ability to stay youthful, healthy, function properly and fight off infections and diseases. Your diet is vital to your youth, stop aging unnecessarily.

Component One of Longevity Secrets is all about the Fountain of Youth vitamins, minerals and foods that go beyond being just healthier and the eating principles that will change your life, including:

  • The everyday simple ‘Hero’ Foods that fight off diseases you need to add to your shopping list, page 54
  • Learn the most important Vitamin for protecting against the effects of aging, page 19
  • Find out the Number One mineral for extending life that you are likely to be lacking in your diet, page 36
  • The biggest cause of obesity is people eating without thinking about it, learn the Mindful Eating Principle that will help you lose weight, page 68
  • Calcification, why it’s dangerous and how to combat it, page 75

Longevity Secrets: You Are What You Think

How youthful and attractive is someone who looks, tense, annoyed or stressed? This only adds stress on your body and makes you less able to deal with any situation. You can be in charge of your emotions.

The thoughts you hold in your mind determine so many things about your life. Component Two of Longevity Secrets gives step by step techniques to take control of your thoughts, habits and behaviour and be who you want to be, including:

  • Learn some simple Mental and Physical Relaxation Techniques that extend life expectancy, page 85
  • Looking good and feeling good, two great reasons to explore the power of meditation, page 88
  • How to remain calm (and stay young) in stressful situations, page 112
  • Step by Step NLP Techniques to take control of your life and be who you want to be, page 97
  • The Power of Laughter, a work out for your mind, body and soul, page 114

Longevity Secrets: You Are How You Exercise

Forget the gruelling work out regime that you hate. Do more of the activities you enjoy and live a healthier, more youthful like. There are plenty of different ways to exercise that you do enjoy.

Component Three looks into how to get fit the easy way and in a way you enjoy, including:

  • Knowing what Body Type you have and how that affects how you should exercise, page 122
  • How to stay young and supple with good stretching techniques, page 127
  • The Mental and Physical exercise crossover. How to work out your mind and your body at the same time, page 134
  • The simple exercises you can do in the car to turn back the clock on wrinkles, page 153
  • Learn how to correct your posture and stand tall and youthful, page 137

Longevity Secrets: Enhancing Your Visual Beauty

Our external appearance is a vital part of who we are. Great skin that glows with a wonderful smooth complexion looks and feels younger. A youthful face is fresh, happy and relaxed without worry lines and tension.

Have you ever wondered why some people look decades younger than their actual age? Component Four brings together the other three elements along with addition secrets to enhancing your natural beauty and looking younger, including:

  • The correct vitamins, minerals and nutrients for radiant skin, hair and nails, page 143
  • Why massage is beneficial to your health and beauty as well as being very pleasurable, page 156
  • Find out the hidden ingredients in cosmetics that could be damaging your health, page 173
  • By improving your self-image you will increase your confidence, self-esteem, posture and appearance. Be someone who turns heads, page 150
  • The simple exercises you can do in the car to turn back the clock on wrinkles, page 153


Let’s Make This Really Simple!

Look, if You Implement Just 10% of these Secrets I Guarantee You Will See Dramatic Changes!


Now, I know that you’re not going to implement every single suggestion, use each technique and learn every secret. But…

I know that you will find simple and easy changes that you can make and become more youthful and full of life.

If you use just 10% of the tools, techniques and secrets in this book you will set in motion long term benefits for a healthier, happier and more youthful look and outlook on life. You will see and feel results within weeks, if not days of starting. Plus some of the mind power secrets you will learn, will have a dramatic effect on the way people see you and the way you feel!

Look, the bottom line is it’s up to you. You know that just buying a piece of exercise equipment doesn’t make you fitter
(a lot of the time it just sits there, getting buried under things!) and that gym memberships cost money and takes up your time.

So with all this in mind my intention for you is that you just use 10% of the information in this book! That’s it, one tenth of what’s in here! And I personally guarantee that you will see and feel the difference.

And imagine, what if you implemented more than 10%

. .

When you buy this book and discover just a few ‘Secrets’ you will find that making small changes is easy and enjoyable.

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Look Younger, More Attractive, Be Healthier the


Longevity Secrets is built on four simple components:

  • Boost your body’s immune, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems; keep disease away; look and feel young
  • Use the power of your mind to make you look more attractive, be happier and be healthier
  • Enjoy more of the three S’s: Strength, Stamina and Suppleness in your life
  • Regain your youthful looks; fresh, happy and worry free


Just $17

Instant access even at 2am


Learning and discovering the information in Longevity Secrets has taken years and costs tens of thousands of dollars!


It’s not going to cost you thousands of dollars or take you years! I’ve streamlined this information for you and put it at a price that anyone can afford…

The reason I’m doing this is the same reason that John spent years to become a Master Hypnotist and N.L.P Trainer: to help people.

Because I’m on a continuing mission to improve my life and, I want to share the secrets I have discovered with you like:.


The things in this book that won’t cost you a penny!
And the things in this book won’t take any extra of your time either!


So right now, while you can grab yourself a bargain.


Yes Heloise, I’m ready to start making simple, positive changes today

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P.S. These really are amazing longevity secrets that you can easily implement into your life to look younger, feel healthier and live longer.

P.P.S. Remember, making small changes today will help you get what you want. Where will you end up if you don’t take action now!


Disclaimer: The information included on this site and in our guides is for educational and information purposes only. We are not intending nor implying that this is a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult your Doctor or health care professional if you are considering making changes to your exercise, diet or lifestyle. The reader accepts responsibility for the non-use or misuse of this information and it consequences